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The Local Organizing Committee

Jeremy Dodd (Columbia, Physics)

Laura Havener (Columbia, Physics)

Heather McCarrick (Columbia, Physics)

Kathryn Sutton (Columbia, Physics)

Laura Kay (Barnard)

Myriam Sarachik (CCNY)

James Hedberg (CCNY)

Abigail Murphy (CCNY)

Xiuhong Cai (CCNY)

Daniella Barragan (CCNY)

Kathryn Johnston (Columbia, Astronomy)

David Helfand (Columbia, Astronomy)

Rose Gibson (Columbia, Astronomy)

Andrea Derdzinski (Columbia, Astronomy)

Summer Ash (Columbia, Astronomy)

Kursti DeLello (Columbia, Physics)

Huda Qureshi (Columbia, Applied Physics)

Kassidy Lundy (Columbia, Biology / Biophysics)

Mel Abler (Columbia, Applied Physics)